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”Her jazzy artpop is chiseled to perfection - and with iridescent shades - in dark colors. Poignant melodies, epicity and excruciating sweetness are the cardinal points to which she refers to move in an interesting and never repetitive sonic landscape.”

- Rumore Magazine

”Mesmerising, heartbreaking, challenging and soul wrenchingly beautiful. Sad Secret Songs is undoubtedly her finest work to date. The type of album you need to - and want to - listen to from beginning to end.”

- Women in Pop Magazine

”The dark and dramatic pop of Sad Secret Songs is elegant, suffused, and never too oppressive. Like a sad Lykke Li, Anna Arco unleashed all her skills in one record, very intriguing.”

- Suffer Magazine


True to her name, from the greek foundation of the word anarchism - "an archos": without rulers or leaders, the Stockholm-based musician, composer and producer Anna Arco is a devoted DIY-artist. Influenced by her background as an educated jazz musician Arco writes genre-warping pop influenced by both jazz, hip hop and metal. Shortly after recording her debut single The Ocean in the Ingrid-studio in Stockholm she released her debut album Songs within the Spectrum about which the Australian Women in Pop Magazine wrote ”A remarkable collection of heartfelt pop reflecting both the light and darkness of her experiences” . It received beautiful reviews both in Sweden and internationally and made it to PSLs Top 20. She has since then played several live concerts with her all star-band at venues such as Fasching and Oceanen. Arco returns on the 27th of August with her second album Sad Secret Songs where she has transformed the grief of losing her best friend into dark Scandinavian art pop.

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