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”Her jazzy artpop is chiseled to perfection. Poignant melodies, epicity and excruciating sweetness are the cardinal points to which she refers to move in an interesting and never repetitive sonic landscape.”

- Rumore Magazine (IT)

”Dreamlike melodies that seems destined for the soundtrack of one of those fashionable Nordic Noir-series with blood on the snow.” 

- Nueva Revolución (ES)

"You cannot fail to be amazed by so much grace and sincerity which tickles the ear with sweet musical influences. This sound must be listened to."

- IGGY Magazine (FR)

”A cathartic album that moves between visceral beats, emotive ballads and dark electro-synth. Mesmerising, heartbreaking, challenging and soul wrenchingly beautiful. Sad Secret Songs is undoubtedly her finest work to date. The type of album you need to - and want to - listen to from beginning to end.”

- Women in Pop Magazine (AUS)


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True to her name, from the greek foundation of the word anarchism - "an archos": without rulers or leaders, the Stockholm-based musician, composer and producer Anna Arco is a devoted DIY-artist. Her dark, melodic and experimental pop music holds elements of both hip hop, jazz and electronica - or as an Italian metal magazine wrote about her album Sad Secret Songs"It is certainly not metal or rock , but those who are passionate about good music will find this album excellent." 

Shortly after recording her debut single The Ocean in Ingrid
studion in Stockholm she released her critically acclaimed debut album Songs within the Spectrum. An almost acoustic album exploring the human emotional spectrum, inspired by a poem by the Sufi poet Rumi, where one of the highlights were the collaboration with the award winning string collective Miggdal Strings on the single Dagger to the Heart. She has since then played numerous live shows with her all star-band at Swedish venues such as Fasching and Cirkus as well as abroad.


In 2021 Arco returned with her second album Sad Secret Songs where she transformed the grief of losing her closest friend into sad songs. The album has been played on Swedish national radio and ended up on both HYMN's Best Swedish Album of the Year-list and Australian Women in Pop's 50 Top Tracks of 2021. Arco is now working on her third album, the final part in the Songs-trilogy: Songs of Sins and Scars. With funding from the Swedish Arts Council she has been exploring that music on three different duo constellations with guitar, keys and harp. Release date TBA 2024.

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moth transparent (kopia 2).png

U P C O M I N G   S H O W S

Dates for the summer of 2024 TBA

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Press photos by Anna Drvnik
© ANNA ARCO 2022

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