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Voices in the press about

ANNA ARCO and Anna Berglund


14/10 2016

"Anna Berglund is one of Swedens most soulful and exciting vocalists ... most interesting composers."

Read full article here.

"Anna Berglund. If you haven't already done it, memorize the name. Then listen to the debut album Drifting's first track Make 'Em Mine and then realize that we in the composer and singer has a newly discovered constellation in the eastern hemisphere. Everything is connected in the world of the 26 year old; lyrics, music, production and the voice ... "

Magnus Östnäs, Lira #1 2017

Review of Drifting w. Berglund Band


28/10 2016

Anna Berglund is "this weeks young promising jazz musician" in music magazine Lira.

Read full article here.

Magic for both ears and eyes! - HYMN
Read about the music video-premiere here!

"...And from hip hop producer Robert Glasper it is actually not a far stretch to the album debut with Swedish Berglund Band. The jazz written by vocalist Anna Berglund has strong hip hop influences. Or maybe it's the other way around..."

Märet Öman, Sveriges Radio P2

Jazzradion 25/12 2016

Upsala Nya Tidning
12/12 2016

The album Drifting with Berglund Band gets


in Swedish newspaper UNT. 

Read the full article here.

ANNA ARCO's sad and dark debut single The Ocean is a beautiful pop song that really pulls you in ... -

"Her voice has an appealing smoothness while reflecting several musical influences .... Anna Berglund is the type of musician that travels in her own melodies with sweeping ease."

Leif Wigh, Orkesterjournalen #6 2016

Review of Drifting w. Berglund Band

Highlighted by Gothenburg Sessions and Birp

Read an interview in Qanda Magazine with ANNA ARCO here, in ENG and SWE

Interview about the release of Dagger to the Heart in Popmuzik

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