Spiltan Records is a tiny record label based in Stockholm


Signed vinyl                                                       300 kr

Signed CD                                                           150 kr

Signed vinyl and CD                                         400 kr

A digital release of
Sad Secret Songs                  100 kr

Signed vinyl, CD, a digital release and           600 kr
the old CD
Songs within the Spectrum
the first single ever The Ocean) 

You can also buy it on Bandcamp.

Place your order here and pay the requested amount to
BG 5338-9375 to pre-order vinyl or CD.
Prefer Paypal? Use annaarcomusic@gmail.com

Thanks for your support!

How does it work?
1. You place your order 2.You get the product as soon as the pressing is ready! Easy huh?

Spiltan Records is a VAT-registered company.